Sandpit is a safe place to test ideas

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Three exercises, run independently or sequentially in a module

Sandpit creates a marketplace in the classroom, and using a virtual currency students/experts can invest in the best ideas, effectively voting with their money on the best pitches. Through sales and investment simulations, students can practice their sales and investment pitches and get into the mindsets of customers and creators.

1. Idea Generation

Students find customers, learn about their problems, analyse current solutions and develop their own.

2. Sales Pitching

Students create a video and sales pitch and undertake some market testing with the group. Then students become the customers assessing the desirability and feasibility of the ideas.

3. Investment Pitching

Students create a different video and investment pitch in an online dragons' den, and then become the investors considering the propositions.

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Fit Sandpit into your module
"It was a perfect fit for the module. The students have reported that this "game" was great and they felt involved in a competitive process. They felt that they have learnt skills relevant to contemporary society, and a lot of them would not consider setting up their ideas and using crowdfunding..."
Natalia Vershinina, The University of Birmingham
"We used it to bring all the components of the business planning together - really powerful"


Fit Sandpit into your module See case studies

Type of Exercise

Opportunity centred creative problem solving that integrates business and e-learning.

  • Customer Discovery and Idea Generation
  • Simulated reward and equity crowdfunding (enterprise game)
  • Feasibility testing and peer review
  • Individual or group projects
  • Practice based approach

Learning Outcomes

Sandpit delivers against the QAA guidance on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

  1. Creativity and innovation
  2. Opportunity recognition, creation and evaluation
  3. Decision making supported by critical analysis and judgement
  4. Implementation of ideas through leadership and management
  5. Reflection and action
  6. Interpersonal skills
  7. Communication and strategy skill
How Sandpit Works
Fit Sandpit into your module See Case Studies