Setting up my group

Once the University has paid for a number of student accounts, we will create a branded Sandpit for your organisation. Please notify alex@crowdfundcampus.com of the lecturers on the module that require access. Alex will send through your log-on details.
You can set a period of time, with a start and end date, within which students may start and edit their pitches. Once this time passes, they will no longer be able to make any changes to the pitch. You can also set a period of time, with a start and end date, for funding - so students will only be able to spend their campus coins during this period. To change these deadlines, look for the 'Deadlines' section at the bottom of the settings page for your crowd.

Onboarding students

First you will need to create a 'crowd'. You can then invite your students to this crowd. Go to Admin Panel > Users and Invitations of your crowd > Upload a csv of all e-mail addresses
The CSV upload should only contain e-mail address in the first column. The maximum you can upload at any one time is 100 e-mail addresses. Please check you CSV file and try again. If any further problems please e-mail support@crowdfundcampus.com
All of your crowds are personalised with your organisation's branding, including name and logo.
When you set up your crowd, you can set a budget - that is, the amount that each member of that crowd will have available to spend. For example, if you set a budget of 3000 campus coins, then when a student logs in, they will see that they have 3000 campus coins to spend individually.
A target is the amount of money (Campus Coins) that a student wants to raise for their idea. We recommend a minimum target of 2,000 for sales pitches and 50,000 for investment pitches.
Yes, when you create a crowd, select the 'teams' participation option. When students first sign up, they will be prompted to create a team or join an existing one. Members of the same team can all see and work on the same pitch together.
You can create teams ahead of time for students to join. Go to Admin Panel > Users and Invitations of your crowd > Manage Teams. From there you can create the teams you want students to work in, as well as move students into different teams once they have signed up for an account. Note that Sandpit does not currently support automatically sorting the students into their teams before they have signed up.

Creating Ideas

A target is the amount of money (Campus Coins) that a student wants to raise for their idea.
Based on a business goal. For example, if I need to build a prototype of my product I can work out my costs and set a target accordingly.
A crowd is the entire marketplace; all the people pitching ideas and any externals you invite.
A Campus Coin (CC) equals one unit of your local currency.
For example:
CC1 = £1
CC1 = $1
Under the 'data visibility' section on your crowd's settings page, you can modify which information about pitches will be visible to members of the crowd. You can show or hide: total raised, who the author is, and what their funding target is.
All crowds on Sandpit, and the ideas in them, are completely private. They can only be accessed & viewed by the people you invite in.
You can easily re-send an invitation email to students who have not responded. Go to Admin Panel > Users and Invitations of your crowd > and click 'send link' on the invitation you want to re-send.


The Sandpit is a delivery machanism. The learning and assessment outcomes of the Sandpit can be mapped to the learning and assessment outcomes of your module. Depending on the exercises completed in the Sandpit, it can be used to deliver all outcomes in the QAA Guidance on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (See http://sandpit.cc/qaa-mapping)
Yes, we are happy to review your module outline with you and discuss how the Sandpit can be applied in your individual case.
Students can be assessed on their pitches, the success of the pitches or a reflection piece on their experience in the Sandpit.
The Sandpit does not currently integrate directly to your VLE but we can provide you with a data export which can be imported into your VLE. E-mail support@crowdfundcampus.com for more information.

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